SIlver Arts Program

Overcoming Obstacles with Senior Care


Aging, is not an easy process, especially moving along through the late stages of life, by having to endure many difficulties along the way, one day we will all relate.  Our mobility and hand strength will be limited, losing our freedom to move about, or care for our own well being will weigh down on the spirit, causing severe mood changes. And due to lack of mobility and mental stimulation, there will be a dramatic drop in brain activity, resulting in a quicker onset of senility symptoms.

Studies have proven that television doesn't do the trick with helping slow down memory loss, it's time to turn off the tube, and get your elders artistic skills moving along, we will conveniently bring the Silver Arts Program to your front door! 

Remember staying mentally active will assist us through these frustrating life transitions.  Our system is uniquely designed, catering to each individual artist needs.  Participating in our skill building program individuals will generate enthusiastic attitudes, raise their confidence, and regain their pride

Help your elder family members who are in need of happiness, or yearning for the feeling of self worth in their day to day lives. 

Our Silver Arts Program  was devised for the aging community, we take into consideration our students health limitations, such as restricted movement, short term memory loss, wild thoughts, restlessness, lack of stamina, or vision loss, no matter what it may be. We will patiently work alongside every elder artist, and not rush the creative process. At Vieira Studios we believe, through the right means of encouragement and support, along with learning the fundamentals, skill building and portfolio development, our program promotes positive mental, physical,and spiritual health.  

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Explore all parts of the world, and unlock your imagination from the convenience of your own home, nursing home, or senior care centers, located in Miami, Fort Lauderdale . 

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Give yourself a chance to shine, sign up for our epic art classes, and start a new career.