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With over 15 years of experience in the art field, and working with some of the best galleries, and institutions in the industry, Mr. Vieira has obtained a wealth of knowledge, learning the do's and don'ts of the trade.  

Rafael  studied contemporary arts at the San Francisco Art Institute. It was during these years of Interdisciplinary studies, where the comprehension of abstraction was introduced, and fostered under the guidance of a long line of Bay Area abstract thinkers.

His long term mentor Carlos P. Villa who was warm hearted, open and stern in his teachings, pushed Mr. Vieira to think about every action, what's your intention for making these lines, Carlos would ask him,' his teachings redirected Rafael's frame of mind, he began contemplating all his actions, having to go beyond aesthetics when producing works.  

Alongside his art, the ideologies of 'social sculpture' was introduced during Villa's ground breaking class, 'Worlds in Collision,' held inside a NPO, The Luggage Store Gallery -San Francisco. Key concepts involving community development through the use of Art was instilled, motivating Rafael to work with Non Profit Organizations, such as Art With Elders.org, MCCLA, and volunteering for underserved communities throughout the Bay Area, and Miami.  

He received the Latino Maestro Award in 2011 for mentoring high school students on their senior art projects.

As an educator he acquired proper training under guidance of the Art With Elders program, Rafael  has provided instructive scaffolding to many elders residing in long term health care facilities, and private retirement communities, helping his students produce a cohesive body of work. His Curriculum development focuses on the fundamentals of art, an emphasis on skill building, examining the relationship between world history and art movements. He created an effective and safe learning environment for all the students, including elders living with dementia. Rafael has led off campus field trips to museums and botanical gardens, to deepen knowledge of laws of nature, and, moderated group conversation, encouraged open dialogue contrasting the variance within art history and its evolutionary progression,and assisted his students in preparation for class exhibitions, and gallery shows.