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Silver Arts Program

Elderly Art Courses

The Silver Art Program promotes positive mental health.  

Help your elder family members who may be in need of happiness, or yearning for the feeling of self worth in their day to day lives. 

Our Silver Arts Program  is  designed for the Aging community, we take into consideration our students health difficulties, such as lacking dexterity, short term memory loss, restlessness, lack of stamina, or vision problems. 

We will patiently work alongside every elder artists, and never rush the creative process. 

At Vieira Studios we believe, through the right means of encouragement and support, along with learning the fundamentals, building up skills and portfolio development, your elder family member will blossom.

Creative Kiddos


Creative Kiddos will encourage art themes based on your child's ever changing likings, from sports to fire trucks, princess themes, or dinosaurs. They can explore the safari or enter the deep blue sea, just let their creativity run wild.

Feel free to give us a call, when it's time for your child to put down the remote control, and exit the world wide web. Encourage them to explore their creative side of the brain, by spending next few hours, thinking and generating designs, have them learn new skills, like threading a needle and make rag dolls from old T-shirts, or discover the world of color through an abstract painting, learn to draw and print, or they can even roll up the sleeves to knead some dough, and shout It's PizzaTime! 

Art Industry Services

Art Install, Fine Art Sales Gallery Representative, Art Handler,  Booth Director, Art Fair

We can take care of all your needs, from  installing to sales representative, a booth director, or curator, from concept to completion, Vieira Studioshas you covered. We can take charge, or work under your staff manager, on-site or at the Art Fair, we always provide the best working attitude, and professionalism.

Extensive experience in NPO 

fundraising, programing, client development.


Extended Learning

Additional Information

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why a majority of our educators have received Interdisciplinary degrees from fine art institutions. With first hand experience working in the Industry, our instructors are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their courses.

Becoming an Artist is determined by the development of mental and manual skills. Our programs are designed to teach you how to strategize, and devise creative solutions to design obstacles, or how to contemplate and make the best aesthetic decisions according to your projects needs.

Over time the artists will have opportunities to experiment with various mediums, a gradual development and understanding the proper use, and handling new materials.

They will explore color theory, play with vanishing points & perspective, fine tune drawings, learn new painting techniques, stretch canvas, develop solid compositions through the use of color, balance, and visual tempo.

Alongside the fundamentals, we will gradually introduce protocols in the Art Industry, we cover the best practices needed to be Gallery Ready, such as having a cohesive body of work, proper lighting for documentation, learning new computer programs like Adobe Photoshop, used for image editing, layout and product design.

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